Oct. 27th, 2020

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I'm mo, I'm in my 30s, I'm from the US midwest but have spent more of my adult life outside the US than in it. 

I write fic as it occurs to me so this keeps things more-or-less organized. AO3 posts are better tagged, for trigger warning or other purposes, but the silliest stuff doesn't make it over there. I'm also on Tumblr and LiveJournal.

The Breakout Job (AO3) Parker helps a friend of Josie's (remember Josie the baby car thief?) to break out of a "camp for troubled youths"

Star Wars
You do it better (AO3)
Rey on Jakku (DW)
Living is harder (AO3) Rey, post-The Force Awakens, culture shock.
Plant Assembly Procedures (AO3) Rey learns how plants work

Hunger Games
Surely these are the last days
The Rebellion from Below: A series of n+1 stories about the rebellion as told by its less-glamorous instigators (D9 and D6 focused). Stay tuned, if you're interested. (AO3 series)
Tractors turning the multiple furrows in the vacant land The beginnings
The line between hunger and anger No turning back now.

Smiles and Promises
Rokia, an OC victor from District Six (AO3 series)

Click for links (some of this is not on AO3) )

Please feel free to take this personally
Johanna (who I headcannon as winning the 66th Games, movie tie-ins aside), her friendship with Finnick (bffs, not sexy), and them getting involved in the Rebellion. On AO3 here

Ain't nothing but a family thing
Stories from District Four (Finnick/Annie) On AO3 here
Non-AO3 scribbles:
Finnick's backstory Meta.
Peeta visits District Four Postwar, prompt-fic

I also ramble periodically about my Panem headcanons. I try to tag these posts absurd logistics of Panem (because the more you think about it, the crazier this fictional dystopia really is)

On trigger warnings: I do a pretty good job (i hope!) of tagging the things that're on AO3. Stuff that's only here/LJ I tend not to tag specific trigger warnings, although for stories that I think are particularly in need of such, there are usually warnings in the intros. If you're wondering if something is going to bother you (trigger-wise or anything else-wise), please feel free to message me to ask.


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