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 Note: This chapter is less graphic (I think) then what's described in the books, but kids die, and it's messy. 

Into the Arena )
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Phillips learned the hard way never to get his hopes up for any tribute from District Six. He's been mentoring for 23 years and has only ever come close once.

When Rokia is Reaped for the 71st Hunger Games, the one rule--"stay alive"--is nothing new. It's just the venue that's changed, and how different is the Arena from the back alleys of District Six, anyway?

Completed, will post one chapter per week. Also on AO3
(Content notes for canon-typical violence, references to drug use)

Pre-Games )
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First of all, this massive and ridiculous post is all [ profile] penfold_x's fault. She got me started on Panem geography and logistics and it is EATING MY BRAIN so I spent the morning writing this instead of entering data. Priorities, whatever.

Click for more than you ever wanted to know )
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