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Things that make me optimistic about new-therapist (after 2 sessions):

1. She actually uses scientific language and a relatively high level of jargon, which I like because, well, I’m a scientist even if psychology is not my field and science-language is comfortable. But also because it feels like she’s paying enough attention to realize that and not just doing the same thing for everybody.

2. She will say things like “I know this sounds weird and you might not like it, but give it a shot because there’s evidence it works” e.g. when talking about visualization stuff (also “A lot of people say ‘visualize a safe place’ but I like to call it a calm place because sometimes nowhere actually feels safe” yes good)

3. Good concrete metaphors for things, that don’t feel patronizing.

4. Was completely unimpressed by my level of education/weird global travel stuff. Did not realize how nice this would be until I was explaining like 10 years of mental-health-relevant history that occurred on four continents and she was just like “okay” and did not make it A Thing. (this sounds like a humblebrag but is not intended that way sorry)

5. Somehow (people-magic idk) makes me feel like I don’t have to be polite or pretend to know less than I do.

6. I don’t feel like I have to know what I want to do when I walk in--it’s not like she’s steamrolling me but it’s not just like “what do you want to talk about today?” and when she asked something about what was bothering me most and I went ????? she just said “okay then let’s work on distress tolerance and skills for de-escalating brainweasel attacks” (not what she said but I don’t remember the phrasing) and we did that and it was actually useful
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